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Default Re: My Email from John Carmack

Originally Posted by Subtestube
Interesting comment. Can I ask you to clarify what you mean when you say you don't think he has much to contribute? I'm not asking aggressively, I'm genuinely interested.
First let me say my opinion isn't based off Doom 3. From what we've seen, I think there's an agreement that the Doom 3 engine isn't as impresive as we had hoped or expected. It is good, but it isn't jaw-dropping like previous efforts. Some may say he's getting lazy or arrogant, but to me, you can't throw a touchdown every drive you get.

I just think the guy hit his mark around Quake 3 and it's time to step down and give some young blood a shot @ ID. I'm sure there's plenty of talented guys over there waiting for their chance to develop an engine. It's just kinda like a QB who can still throw, but refuses to retire until he gets banged up or booed out of the stadium. You should know when you gotta go for the good of the company and the medium itself. ( Sorry for all the football analogies...been watching it too much today) He's been doing this for over 10 years, he's made great engines, alot of money, gained fame and has every PC fanboy on his side, so I just think he's done 20 times more than he ever dream't he could do and it's time to settle down and start letting someone else reach that dream.

Originally Posted by Intel17
Really? Nothing left to contribute eh? Are you saying that Doom3 is photorealistic?
Oh of course Intel, because we all know that only John Carmack could create a photo-realistic engine and no one else but him.
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