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Originally Posted by mustrum
5700 i'd say. The 9100 is a very old ATI chip (based on 8500 i think). It was good a few years ago but now it's just outdated.
Why don't you save a bit more up and get a 9800 PRO.
You also could get an used 9700 PRO. It's better than both and should be available on ebay for a reasonable price.
PCI only!

The R200 and R250 has a lot of bugs with newer games. Between the two I would say the 5700LE only because of better driver support. Just don't expect to play most games at anything higher than 800x600. Also get use to your FPS dropping into the single digits because it's framebuffer is not able to cope. I know, I have a 5200 PCI in my linux box. What I really recommend is that you buy a cheap mobo and AGP card.
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