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Default Re: My Email from John Carmack

Originally Posted by Skrot
I think that's absurd, ultimate17. The reason that the engine wasn't as "jaw-dropping" as some people might say that it is is because we don't have the horsepower in our computers to be able to handle this sort of engine in it's full glory.

Can you back up any of your statements that he's getting "lazy or arrogant"? From what I've seen he's never shown any sort of arrogance. Hell, you're replying to a thread that shows that he has time to reply to emails from the 'little' people.
Apparently you don't read what others write.....I wrote "Some may say he's getting lazy or arrogant, but to me, you can't throw a touchdown every drive you get."

See that...SOME may say. Not me personally. I basically said, while I didn't think the engine was great, I really wasn't expecting him to get every engine perfect...we all slip up once in a while.
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