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Default Re: EverQuest 2 First Impressions + 45 screenshots

I wouldn't mind a game demo (if they have one that can be played and all). I don't play EQ anymore and let my subscription expire. Main reason...the game does not like my computer. It crashes every coupla minutes to 10 or 15 minutes of game play, hard locking my comp (requires hitting the ol reset button as ctrl + alt + del is useless). Wasn't about to pay about $14/month for something I can't play without constant crashes.

Oddly enough, outside that game, no other software crashes on this comp. I'm thinking perhaps some weird interaction prob between the game and my nForce 1 chipset (which was of course nVidia's first gen chipset). No patches or updates had ever helped...

And yeah, after about lvl 9 in Quenoss, (and before then playing a high elf, forgot where they start) it became kind of tough to get to where I'd need to be to lvl further without a group...
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