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Default Re: My Email from John Carmack

Ultimate, Intel is correct. Of the four major engines (and their derivatives like Scrapland), so far only Doom 3's has shown that per pixel AND bump mapping are possible in every frame. You'll note that Far Cry has a much simpler shading/lighting model on the chars then Doom 3 uses. The procedural texturing is far more obvious (overt skin slickness) in Far Cry than it is in Doom 3.

Source tends to see these two both off by being able to blend bump maps (which is something that wasn't implemented in Doom3 - thus why there's so much black around) . Source's bump maps tend to be more "realistic" on the whole, avoiding generic surface deformation (as seen in Tribes : V) for much more complex belnded bump mapped procedural textures.

But Intel is right, the Doom 3 is engine is forward looking. By the same time next year we'll see more examples (maybe even in retail form) of Vehicles and Landscapes with the Doom 3 engine. Then there comes Quake 4 not long after.

That said Intel is only really right, right now. The fact is that we're heading into an age of stiff competition. Doom 3 won't be the most powerful engine soon. This is the age of competition in 3D.

I reckon by the years end next there will be at least one new 3D engine to hit the market. Maybe even two. More to the point what we're seeing now as revolutionary will be merely evolutionary soon.
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