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Default Re: My Email from John Carmack

Originally Posted by mezkal
That said Intel is only really right, right now. The fact is that we're heading into an age of stiff competition. Doom 3 won't be the most powerful engine soon. This is the age of competition in 3D.

I reckon by the years end next there will be at least one new 3D engine to hit the market. Maybe even two. More to the point what we're seeing now as revolutionary will be merely evolutionary soon.
I sort of agree. I think you're absolutely correct that there will be another good 3d engine or two in the next short while. What I disagree with is that they'll be in any way superior to the D3 engine. I generally agree with the idea of revolutionary->evolutionary perception of features. I have a suspicion that engines from here until, perhaps a year away are going to end up being roughly equivalent in terms of features (on the proviso that anyone else actually moves in and implements true unified lighting), with the differences being primarily in efficiency and the methods of shader optimisation. Still, this is all speculation.

My basic contention is that we're at the beginning of another Q3 phase, whereby we're going to get a few very powerful almost feature equivalent engines that will end up being heavily modified and having been really exploited to their limits by the next 'engine refresh' (which I would contend will occur with the emergance of Unreal 3, and possibly some other dramatically powerful engines, like TESIV:Oblivion's one). Why do I think this? Because my basic opinion is that in terms of feature completeness, we're really rapidly approaching the limits of the hardware that's going to be around for the next wee while. I'm not talking about new hardware, I'm talking about the dating hardware that's going to be sold to in much of the video game market over the next couple of years.

Meh, as I say, this is all my opinionated speculation, and lacks any real grounding.
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