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Default Re: why do fx cards perform so badly in 3dmark05

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Eh? Not even sure what your saying. Yes its both pixel shaded and vertex limited. But vertex performance plays a substancial Roll in overall performance as well.

Surely Pixel performance is important in 3dmark. But so its Vertex performance.
OK then, let me put it this way, looking at your figures and aassuming you had a 6800 non ultra and Unwinders rivatuner would you rather have an extra VP or an extra 4 pipelines ?

Increase from 12 to 16 pipelines = > 400
Increase from 5 to 6vp => 100

The word limited is, to be honest, also incorrect as it implies it is stopping the score going up. This is not the case, even with 4VP at 16 pipelines you get 600 points more than 6vp at 8 pipelines .

It would be more accurate to say that 3dmark05 is both pixel and vertex dependent but with pipeline quads being more important.


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