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Unhappy HP pavilion zv5000 + GeForce4 440 = no 1920x1200 !


I've got a strange problem. I have a new laptop HP zv5000, AMD64 3700+, 1Gb Ram and GeForce 440 64Mb. I installed Fedora Core 3 test 3.

I installed the last Nvidia driver. Note that I use Fedora 32 bits with NVidia driver 32 bits ('cause of the wifi driver which is only 32bits).

I have a large 1920x1200 screen but it is impossible to obtain this resolution. I can have 1600x1200. And I can have 1920x1440 which causes a terrific mess on my screen.

Here are the symptoms (sorry for not attaching the X.log, I still can't access my ntfs partition).

The X.log says that the hsync and vsync don't match with the DDC values for my monitor. I tried different value, even extreme value, but I always have the same problem. I removed the Hsync and Vsync lines in the monitor definition so that to force X and its DDC driver to look for the good values. Same results : no modes match the hsync and vsync except 1920x1440 (which is higher than my monitor's resolution). DDC says hsync is (according to the monitor) hsync=69.48-123.26 and vsync=56.26-60

So what is the problem ? Why X wants to switch to 1920x1440 and says that 1920x1200 is out of vsync range ? It says also that a lot of smaller resolution are out of either hsync or vsync !
The only resolution I need is 1920x1200 as it is the natural resolution of my laptop screen.

Thanks for your help.
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