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Default Re: why do fx cards perform so badly in 3dmark05

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Oh jeez, you're getting bent out of shape over a techicality? The whole point of the chart was to show that 3dmark is sensitive to vertex performance and its not entirely a pixel shaded limited demo, In which case, This hasnt changed a bit,

of course 4 pixel pipelines is going to have a dramatic increase on effect, you gain 4 shader dedicatedt shader units +4 shared shader units with 1 quad activation, You only lose 1 vertex unit by disabling vertex performance.

And no this is not a 6800NU, If you look at the chart it clearly labels it a GT.
A technicality ? I didn't comment on the cart but your wording.

To quote you

"But geometry plays a huge role "

this is an exageration.

" But its just as much vertex limited as it is pixel limited."

no it isn't.

I didn't say anything about your chart being a 6800nu, I said assuming you had a 6800nu because that is the card most people will be trying to increase the pipes and vertex units on.

I keep seeing these comments about 3dmark05 being vertex limited and they seem to be coming from B3d it seems. If you look at the top scores for the 6800nu though you will see that a prereqisit is that the card is a 16 pipeline card. I have to say that if someone gave me a 24 pipeline card with only 6 vertex shaders I would not be too unhappy


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