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Default Re: why do fx cards perform so badly in 3dmark05

Originally Posted by zakelwe
"OK then, let me put it this way, looking at your figures and aassuming you had a 6800 non ultra and Unwinders rivatuner would you rather have an extra VP or an extra 4 pipelines"

I was talking about people having a 6800nu and uprating otherwise I would have said

"OK then, let me put it this way, looking at your figures would you rather have an extra VP or an extra 4 pipelines"

sorry if that was not clear.

The fact is that for both modded X800's and nvidia 6800nu's getting a big gain when going to 16 pipelines means to me that the pieplines are what is important to have and the vertex is a secondary benefit, as you say because you get 4 pipelines at a go.

We'll have to disagree on this oen I guess.


And what are we disagreeing on? once again 1 quad "Should" reflect a larger gain over 2 vertex units, The entire purpose of this test was to show how vertex performance can effect the overall score, And when compared to a pixel pipeline. it's much more dramatic, If you could disable quads, 1 pipe at a time. You could disable shader units 2 at a time. Which would be reflective of how each Pixel shader unit reflects overall performance compared to each vertex unit.

The purpose of the test is to show they scale. Nothing more. Nothing less. In this case, 8 pixel shader units (on 1 quad) Can lead to less performance increases (for example Game test 2) than 2 vertex units.

The fact that pixel pipelines provided a higher boost was never disputed, It was merely a means to an end of showing how much 3dmark05 also emphasizes on vertex performance.
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