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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas jacked...

GTA III was the reason I bought a PS2 over XBOX and I DO NOT REGRET IT. I've enjoyed my PS2 more than any console I've ever owned. I just about bought an XBOX but I thought the only good game that I couldn't play on PS2 was Ninja Gaiden. XBOX has great graphics and sweet surround sound but not really worth buying once you have a PS2 (and you're short on cash). The GameCube on the other hand, IMO, was not a very smart thing by Nintendo. You cannot play DVDs nor even music CDs on it! Even like I said for the XBOX, Zelda and Metroid are really the only good games for GC (maybe RE4, never played it). GTA:SA is going to frickin rock my face off, same for HL2. I feel a little sorry for peeps who don't own a PS2 today . . .
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