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Default Re: Just finished HALO 2

You feel cheated by a game you stole? Sorry man, there's no reasonable defense for that. You didn't pay for it - so you can't have been cheated. You have no right to be disappointed in the game, because you STOLE IT. That's like saying you were disappointed with what the pawn shop dealer gave you for a necklace you stole out of someone's house when they were sleeping.

Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if the game turned out to suck; I'm not even that excited about it. World of Warcraft, Metroid Prime 2, and Half-Life 2 are the games I'm really interested in. Screw everything else

You claim to be a fan of PC games yet you contribute to PC game piracy, which many developers have admitted is a tremendous morale problem. You are part of an activity that may bring an end to PC gaming as we know it.

If you have enough money to drop on the system in your sig, you have enough to pay for your games.
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