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Default Re: Just finished HALO 2

Originally Posted by Superfly
why would I lie about having a daughter, there is nothing to gain or prove by doing that.

Also I bet over half of the registered users on these forums have got/used or are trying to get a pirate/cracked version of some piece of software.

got of your moral high horse, I truely and sincerely dont care.

Charley will grow up just fine thanks - you have no idea about me, my home life or Charley (thanks god).

the issue wasnt whether or not people pirated games.. sure lots of people do, and its not about whether they complain about games.. it the fact that you admitted pirating halo 2 and then preceded to complain about it. anyone who pirates a game may complain about it but they wont throw out that they got it illegally.. if you pirate games.. thats your choise, just keep it to yourself
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