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Default Re: Just finished HALO 2

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
"90% of the people who download PC games illegally are doing so to see what the game is like and if it's worth the $$, then they end up getting lazy and keeping it on the HD, etc."

You said this earlier. It makes it sound like most people doing this are just seeing if the game is worth the money. It sounds as if you feel this particular form of piracy is more acceptable than people who are stealing it and do not intend to pay for it. There is no difference. Stealing is stealing. I never flamed or yelled at you, calm down.
No, I was stating a fact, people DO download the games to see if the games are worth their money. I;ve read numerous posts on this, especially over @ guru3d. It does happen, so I was saying, if games had some sort of rental option, these people wouldn't have an excuse to download these games and get lazy. Guess I shoul've worded it differently. =)
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