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Default Re: Just finished HALO 2

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
OK, then I'll go to the grocery store and steal a box of cereal I've wanted to try. Then after I eat the whole box and decide I like it, I'll start buying that brand. Or I'll go to Marshall Fields and steal a pair of Levis. If I like how they fit, I'll go back and buy three more pairs.

Rip, I love 'ya, but that's weak.
I was kinda thinking the samething myself sat. On PC and console, we already get demo disc and previews. Instead of stealing it, you could just wait for a console game to become availible at a rental store like Blockbuster and give it a go. $3 to $5 for a rental is morally responsible than just ripping it off the web. At least Blockbuster pays the full price vs. you, that's one hell of a bargin to be honest Riptide.

If a game demo has you craving the full version, my guess is it has served it's purpose.
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