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Default Re: Just finished HALO 2

How's downloading a game and playing it to see if you like it any different from you borrowing the game from a friend and trying it? The only difference I see is that if you borrow the game, you must return it if you want to keep your friend. If you download the game, there is no friend asking you for the game back so it's morally up to you to make the right decision. Some people can't make that hard decision so their better off keeping away from the temptation.

And what happens when you lend out your games? Ignorance doesn't excuse piracy so if you lend out your games you can't pretend that the lendee could not be copying your CD or using a No-CD crack. You may feel better because you didn't actually download or copy the game, but you contribute just as much to the problem because that's one less original that will be bought.
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