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Default Re: What is the best PCI card please??

Originally Posted by anzak
Most newer games eat a lot of video memory and when a PCI card runs out of video memory it's SOL. It cannot interface with the system ram like an AGP card can. Call of Duty is a good example.
very very good point.

example: my 64 mb 9100 can run the far cry demo at a constant 35-45 at 1024 with everything on the lowest settings possible. however if i bump it up to medium settings the game runs at 5fps-30.(mostly 5, esp. when you move the mouse around alot) this is due to the slow as crap pci bus and the video memory swapping. this will get ten times worse as games get more detailed.

i will say however the pci 9100 i have runs the cs:source timedemo pretty gosh darn well and should be able to run hl2 well.(hl2 runs amazingly well on 8500 cards)

anzak, are you using the 8.07 beta drivers or the omega drivers based off of them for your 9000. i know i had problems in cs source when i used the betas. i went back to the 4.9s and that fixed the problem. not sure about 4.10 because the 9100 isn't in my secondary pc right now.
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