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Default Re: Just finished HALO 2

With actual people giving their opinions on games though, you have an even bigger problem than with reviews: who likes what games is complete luck of the draw. Look at the feedback for Halo 1: some people hate it, others think it's the best game ever. If you're in a store looking at games, either kind of person can come up to you and tell you that Halo either sucks or rules, and the same applies to online forums. Funny thing is, I've seen people's opinions on Halo 2 from the leak just as varied as Halo 1 (everything from sucks [like this thread] to decent to great).

Oh, and interesting that you bring up Fable, Ninjaman, because for like 2 weeks after that game came out all I heard was good things about it from people who played it (at least in the area I live in). Strangely, I find more games that I think are underrated than overrated. Breakdown and Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders are actually some of my favorite Xbox games, but they didn't exactly get great scores (especially Breakdown).
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