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Talking Re: Just finished HALO 2

Originally Posted by Riptide
Anyone know where I can read some spoilers on Halo2? Seeing as I'm never going to play the game I'd at least like to find out what happens. Yeah I know, just borrow someone's xbox and play it if it comes down to it but I honestly don't even want to bother. If it's not going to run on my computer I don't care to mess with playing the actual game at all. Thx

Master Chief finds out that the reason behind the FLOOD is due to French Pirates. So he gathers a bunch of blue blooded brits to join him as he travels to France. On his way to France he finds out that Cortana was written by a dirty French man and realizes that Cortana has been using Master Chief for her own whims. Master Chief then uses google to build a time machine so that he can go past in time and kick the moron who leaked the Halo 2 game and also tell bungie to hurry and port it too the pc platform. Am I missing something? Yes I have way too much time on my hands...

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