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Default Re: Just finished HALO 2

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
It doesn't bloody matter what he thought of the game. It was stolen, bottom line. Maybe it will suck, but I sure as hell trust the console magazines more than a thief.
Oh jesus! What difference does it make really? If he played the game, he played the game! Just because its a pirate version doesn't make his opinion any less valid.

I think he was a little silly to post here knowing the general views of this forum's users about pirating, but he still knew that he wasn't a great fan of the game. He even gave a few reason's (though apart from repeating the "flood" thing, didn't sound overly bad - I expected bad graphics having seen screenshots).

All you people who are so quick to flame him for pirating, YOU ARE JUMPING ON YOUR HIGH-HORSE. If you're so bothered go and ****ing complain to the authorities about him. Flaming him and telling him your views on the matter ain't going to change anything. Nor will your "I'm going to ignore you because your a thief!". You changed a thread about one thing into something else completely, just so you could jump on your high horse.

Also, to the Mods, if this thread was about HL2, it would have been closed instantly I believe. I don't see why you decided on this "I'll leave it a while" thing. The topic in the first instance was virtually flamebait (though I dont think it was intended) and then it just continued into pointless posts about nothing relevant to what the thread was made for. Hey, but its your forums...
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