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Default Call of Duty - i'm at a loss for words - CRASHING!!!

ALRIGHT, WTF? i have the computer in my sig. i've got the latest nvidia drivers. i've got the latest game patch. i have the latest sound card drivers. this game just will ramdonly pause for anywhere from 30-60 seconds. just sit there and freeze. i just decided to play through it tonight and it did it twice. the third time it did it, when the game came back the screen was distorted (white dots everywhere). all screwed up. i had control though and just exited the game. at this point, my windows desktop looked screwed up the same way. i've had it with this game.

i played through tron 2.0, painkiller, far cry, doom 3 beginning to end with 0 problems. this seems to tell me that there is a problem with call of duty. any ideas here?
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