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Default Re: Call of Duty - i'm at a loss for words - CRASHING!!!

^ yeah overclocking it might case it too.

Now I did had a problem with my old FX 5900U but it was only on bf1942. I tryed reloading windows and updated my drivers. After that I said F$#% and got my GT. First you might need to check to see if all of your motherboad drivers are up to date and do a google search on the problem with the game. I really dont think that its a hardware error just because you say that farcry and doom3 run it good.

Activision support sucks, they couldent figure out why my elite force 2 and said it was SP2 which I told them that I had the same problem with SP1 and then never got a e-mail back. The game keeped on crashing when it loaded the game and never played it again.
Yeah I use a Mac Mini now....
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