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Default XFX 5900XT Strange colors/patters.

I was running an XFX 5900XT card in my computer for about 6 months with no problem. Suddenly I started having problems with bizarre patterns on the screen, reboots, blue screens, game crashes....the works. I checked everything, reformatted, rewired all of my power cables inside the computer, and re-installed EVERYTHING. I figured it had to be something wrong with the card so I RMA'd it and got another one. I got the new one, and I played a game for about 7 hours, exited the game and started to do some video editing and suddenly this happens (very similar to the first one)

This also happened repeatedly when I rebooted. Yes I had the molex plugged in and the fan was on, the card was actually running quite cool and I don't believe overheating was the problem.

When I first started having problems with the first card, I would reboot and even the windows XP startup logo would be messed up and sometimes the BIOS screen for the video card would be strange colors and disorted. It wouldn't even make it to the welcome screen every time. Here's an image of the first one when it actually made it to the welcome screen....

I had to take pictures with a digital camera since I couldn't manage to get a graphic program open, so sorry about the blurryness on the 1st pic. During the time this is happening, my mouse lags SEVERELY and the computer will eventually just freeze up. My cooling is fine...CPU runs around 100-110F and case is in the low to mid 80s. I have a 430W Antec power supply. My Geforce4 TI 4200 runs fine for hours on end, which is also 8x AGP. I've flashed my bios with the latest revision, and I am using an Asus A78NX-Deluxe Motherboard. Any suggestions? I can't see how I could have got 2 defective cards, but I don't see what else it could be...possibly the power supply going bad? Buy even under max load the 4200ti has no problems. I'm not sure what I should try replacing, and I don't have another computer to test this video card in, not to mention it might run fine for a while then suddenly have problems. This so so
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