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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels this way...

I had been following Doom 3's production 2 year prior to it's release. Not only did I take a day off from school just to be down at the mall at 9 AM, but I spent a whole week trying to enjoy it. I loved it. I liked it so much because I love scary stuff. Some parts were pretty creepy but overall, the game was really enjoyable. Once SP and MP wore out, I started played FarCry again, waiting for something to happen with HL2. Once it went gold, I played Doom 3 again. I forgot where everything was and what was going to happen so I had a pretty good time playing it. Doom 3 isn't a BAD game, it just lacks replay value. I know it sounds like I'm contradicting myself but seeing other gamers with the same response, replay value is the problem.

HL2 is going to be a different story. With HL2, it's going to have more of a action packed game feel to it. One thing that I cannot wait for and look forward to is the gravity gun and physics puzzles. Even with the gravity gun alone there are many possibilities to defeat your enemies in gunfights. "Should I take the water heater to block gunfire? Or should I take this (______) to throw at my enemies?" Man I can't wait!!!
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