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Default Re: XFX 5900XT Strange colors/patters.

Originally Posted by EvilJolly
I'm not sure if this will help at all, but this is what my stats looked like while I was running prime95's toruture test for about 20 minutes. This is with the 4200ti in there, because I can't make it into windows with the 5900 for long. All of the voltages look ok to me, would the only way to tell be by looking at it with the 5900 in there?

Everything looks ok as you say, however you would need to see same data with 5900 under fault condition. Which obviously may not be possible if display is corrupt.

Also your point about loading of a 5900 likely being lower during post is probably valid, however that doesn't mean it isn't enough to overload or overheat something in your PSU.

Because the problem you are experiencing doesn't happen all the time, it appears more like a bad interface, overtemperature or as said psu loading fault.

But of course we are always discounting the FX5900, just because it is a second card. Which is all more reason to try in another computer. The only time I remember having the kind of display problems you are seeing was when the memory timing of my 5900 was badly set up

If we now consider the mobo interface,

1) are your mobo device drivers up to date
2) are you overclocking your CPU/RAM
3) is your RAM making good contact ---> pressed in securely enough. RAM overheating or not seated properly can certainly cause bad display corruption.
4) is the interface cable from your 5900 card to the monitor ok ----> no loose wires or bent pins.
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