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Default Re: XFX 5900XT Strange colors/patters.

1) are your mobo device drivers up to date
2) are you overclocking your CPU/RAM
-CPU, yes from 2100+ rating to 2400+ rating, but I have also tried it at defaults. Ram is running at defaults. The only changes I made to my BIOS settings were disabling secondary NVidia network card, onboard firewire, and the POST test speech reporter.
3) is your RAM making good contact ---> pressed in securely enough. RAM overheating or not seated properly can certainly cause bad display corruption.
-I have reseated the RAM and every other part inside the computer, but if it was ram wouldn't it happen on both video cards? Also, I am using Corsair XMS 6-2-2-2.
4) is the interface cable from your 5900 card to the monitor ok ----> no loose wires or bent pins.
-No the cable is find, but also remember the mouse lags, and I have blue screen problems and reboots so I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with the monitor. The blue screens and reboots only occur after the video card starts to act up. With the 4200ti I have 0 stability problems.

I think your first assumption was probably the best. Although I have found Antec power supplies to be reliable, there's always a chance that something has become faulty. I can't think of a reason why anything on the motherboard would not have the same problems with the 4200 since it's also 8X agp, but as you said the 5900 is probably drawing more power. It's strange though that it happened on the second card after many hours of continuous gaming and not during. Or there's that one in a million chance I got two defective cards...
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