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Default Re: Everquest 2 ships on November 8th!

Originally Posted by Graphicmaniac
But if even a 5900U with p4 3.0 make it run good with medium settings, then why a fx-55 + 6800U is not able to make it run at max?

I can run it with all the settings maxed (extreme quality) at 1600x1200. The typical framerate is 20 -50 fps. Its very playable at that resolution.

I choose to play at high quality tho because I get a much higher consistent framerate.

I do have a nice rig tho, BFG 6800 ultra OC, 2 gigs of ram (XMS), p4 3.4 extreme edition.

It also looks cool in span mode split between my 2, 20 inch LCD's (dell 2001 ).

The enviroments in this game are just breathtaking,and IMHO this is the best looking game I have ever seen.
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