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Default Centering screen w/Windows and Linux???

I have an Asus V7100 which as a GeForce 2 MX400 chip with 32 megs of RAM. I'm running two OSes on my machine, Windows 2000 and Linux (Debian potato release with XFree86 v4).

I just bought a new 19" NEC MultiSync FP912sb. I'm running it at 1280x960, 24 bits, at an 85Hz refresh rate on both the Windows boot and the Linux boot. While running under W2k, I adjusted my screen geometry (with the monitors controls) so that the edges of the image line up nicely with the chassis. My problem is that when I run under Linux the image is shifted down and to the right. I tried xvidtune but that did not solve the problem (when I adjust it so that the image starts to get close to where it should be, the top of the image gets quite distorted which I'm guessing is a bad thing for the monitor... if not it's still ugly to look at).

I'm wondering if anyone knows how I would go about setting up the Linux environment so that it's telling my video card to spit out the same exact parameters that the Windows environment is spitting out? I don't want to have to manually adjust the screen geometry manually every time I switch my boot drive.

Cheers, Joe
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