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Hi again everyone:

Hello to you Helmer. I imagine that you are correct about the fact that Nvidia probably hasn't quite gotten all the features out of the install process, but it is very good of them to supply driver files written by the people who know the chipset best. As to your name, I almost immediately thought of Dashiell Hammett, when you mentioned Hammett as your nickname. I guess it just shows the difference between a guitar player and a voracious reader of just about any genre. Having never used BEOS, except for a very short dabble, I cannot say much except I echo the sentiment of "Long life to Linux"

Also, Fred, thanks for the information on having to re-install the GLX files if I need to install Mesa for any compatibility issues or such. I must admit, the learning curve on this OS is fairly steep at first, but I am hoping it will level off soon and I must admit I much prefer having to tinker with things a lot more than just letting the OS do almost everything for me! Installing the drivers may not seem like much, but it was a bit more fun than just clicking on a file name and letting the program do it all for you. I seem to recall that while I was browsing the file descriptors during an install of MDK, I read that MESA libs were used to display OpenGL stuff in part, so I picked them ot install as well of a host of other options I may never use. I guess that's one of the good things about having a largish hard drive.

I'll make sure to keep a copy of the files in an archive somewhere, and make sure that I get them updated as new iterations come out. Thanks again for all the help.
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