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Default Re: Everquest 2 ships 11/8!

Originally Posted by msxyz
Or they need some more betatesters AND some quick cash

I still remeber very well the total mess Sony/LucasArts have done with SWG...
Same here and SOE has not changed their ways. They are rushing the game out to compete with WOW. They are no doubt banking on the fact that many people will believe that the 8,354 known bugs in the beta will all be fixed for the final release, and that the rest will think they will be fixed shortly after. Half of the bugs from the SWG beta are still there today, plus there are some new ones they introduced. EQ2 is going to be the same story.

When a game goes live and its user-base increases 100 fold the number of known bugs will increase, patch cycles will decrease, and I bet its only a week before some major exploit is discovered that destroys the game's economy.

Guild Wars is looking really good right now, its graphics are on par with EQ2 and there is no monthly fee.

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