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Default Re: Guild Wars Preview open!!!!!

Originally Posted by thunderhippo
Talk about a wierd way of marketing..
2-3 day tests? What are they thinking?
And the game doesnt even come out until the 2nd month of 2005!
For people that preorder the game they get a key to play in monthly betas, that are the first weekend of every month until the game is released. There is a preorder package you can get, at some places its only $5, itll get you a special weapon, a CD, poster and an invite for a friend to one of the weekend betas. think if you have it preordered, the beta weekends start next weekend from what Ive read in the forums as well.

The game wont have a monthly subscription, but will have "chapters" I guess it could be considered like an expansion pack. I think these will come out every six months or so.

When you play the tutorial in the very beginning you speak to a guy and he gives you a weapon. If you skip the tutorial you dont get the weapon.

So far Ive been on 10 1/2 hours nonstop, except when they had the hardware trouble eariler. This game is crackrock....
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