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Default Re: Guild Wars Preview open!!!!!

I played the tutorial back at the E3 build, so I still had my sword when I logged in this time. Anyway, this game is great. Been playing for a couple hours now (bout 3 or 4 ). It's great, I really like the quests, the RPG immersion is definetly there. This game for me is the next Neverwinter Nights (another game I really love online, one which isn't a MMORPG, but has 64 player servers online). I've done about 4 or 5 quests/missions so far, and so far, so good. It actually has some kind of story linked between them. I really like the fact that you can do several paths on each quest, depending which way you have to go or take shortcuts. I also love the party system. Somehow they've managed to balance it out properly. I don't know how, but it really feels like everything is balanced and implemented properly, especially the party, experience and class systems . I'll be buying this one for sure just like I bought Neverwinter Nights. Now if only they had something like a Dungeon Master every now and then.
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