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Default Re: why do fx cards perform so badly in 3dmark05

Originally Posted by kahloq
To answer the topic starters post. The 9800 pro is a good card. So are the 5900/5950. 9800 beats 5900/5950 in D3D, but fx series wins in opengl However these cards are still priced out rather high after the new gens came out and are still priced to high. If you can wait, get a 6600GT AGP. OR, wait for the 6700 series. There is also the possibilty of getting a 6200 and soft modding it to a 6600. There was an article on the front page.
Have you seen some of the benchmarks for Doom 3? 5900 vs 9800?

It's a pretty dang good tie, with the 5900 pulling ahead in some lower resolution, and the 9800 comming ahead with the eye candy

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