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Default Re: What is the best PCI card please??

5700 LE has only 4 pixel piplines. AT 250Mhz it will be no better than 5200 (also 4 piplines at 250Mhzs). BFG's PCI 5200 se is at 270 and comes with 256mb of Vram.

the 5700 LE may be able to OC to higher clock speeds than 5200se.

So bottom line you must OC the 5700Le to see any real performance over 5200. The 5600 (also 4 piplines) is clocked at 325. So by default the 5600 owns the 5700LE. And it will be an even better overclocker.

the only thing the 5700 LE has over 5200 and 5600 is more vertex processors and piplines, but that is not going to do jack when rendering high quality textures and lighting which is the real cause for low frame rates in games.
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