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Default Geforce TI4600-replacement fan? (Urgent!)

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but it's important that I get some help

Anyone know where I can get a replacement fan for the Ti 4600 (stock heatsink?). It's a visiontek card, so nothing special there. I know I could simply buy a completely new heatsink for it, but I can -not- get the old heatsink off--at ALL. It won't budge.

And I don't want to risk damaging one of those tiny resistors prying it off with a knife.....

Any advice?
1) Where can I find a replacement fan for this card? Links please; I just spent an hour looking all over, and couldn't find anythinig.
2) If I absolutely must go the route of replacing the HS, how do I remove the damn thing? The pins come off easily, but it seems like it's REALLY glued on to the can I remove it without ripping the GPU off the entire board? (That's why I'd MUCH rather do #1...I've seen posts about people that ripped the whole GPU off.....).
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