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Smile No, it's a Maxtor and an IBM ..

Well it's a Maxtor at 60 Gb (it's the first drive where I put the boot partition - 250 Mb - at the beggining of the drive) and an IBM at 20 Gb (the second drive where I put a swap partition, the root partition - '/' - and a '/home' partition at 512, 15GB and the rest for '/home', respectively.
I have also tried once removing the Maxtor, placing the IBM as a first drive and doing a clean install.. got the same..
So I am curious.. If it's not the motherboard (chipset) then what? And more important how did you manage to get it installed?!! Did you change hard drives or something?
Let me also say that it's a big relief to find out that someone had the same problem .. I was becoming very frustrated with this, because I have set up a small network with 3 pcs at home and wanted to use linux on two pcs for experimenting with network protocols and apps..
Thanks for the info, please don't leave in the dark now.. tell me how you did it..

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