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I booted from my linux DVD and then loaded the installed linux on my new WD-80 from the linux install program, this worked
without errors.

My old Quantum HD from my old PC with an old linux booted perfectly. No 1,0,1,0,1,0, not at all.
Then full of desperation and also a bit of anger i bought a new seagate-60. And the linux install worked fine.
No boot trouble at all. Hi, it was my new WD-80.

But what the heck was going on with this WD-80, why was this thing unable to behave like a ordinary boot device? I checked
the jumpers over and over again without success. I visited WD's website, technical support. I downloaded a
WD-diagnostic and maintenance program ONLY for WD-drives. This program had a "exe"-suffix you know ;-)
One had to run it under windows to create the proper diagnostic tool on a floppy. This program on floppy is a dos program.
I had to boot dos from floppy, run this program, no errors on the WD were reported, but all datas deleted. Then i saw an option in
the menu about preparing your WD-hard drive for the installation of operating systems. Wow, that was interesting. F.i. "Do you like
to install a win OS or other OS ?". Out of curiosity i selected win OS, i had to insert a win boot disk, selected partition
and filesystem FAT32. run the procedure and did quit the WD-preparation. Booted from win CD and run the install. Then OHHH...
miracle this WD-80 did boot for the FIRST time win98 without this 0,1,0,1,0,......stuff. OK i thought let's try linux install
again. Being not too brutal to the win98 i let the install make smaller the win partition and run the remaining
part of the linux installation, wrote the linux loader lilo start code on the MBR as i did before
and it turned out that from NOW on the WD-80 could boot both win and linux.
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