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Default Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread

Originally Posted by Shion Uzuki
Hi guys, I need help with installing these drivers. I am a bsd n00bie so i am sure this problem is pretty easy to solve for you guys.

Ok, I extracted the drivers, did make install.

But the next time I boot into kde, I get the KDE crash info thingy, which says something like...

signal 11
SIGSEGV crashed

and then my system would hang up and I have to do hard reboot.
What threading library are you using?
(And what version of the driver?)

The old (4365) driver doesn't work with any threading library but libc_r.

I suggest making a file called /etc/libmap.conf with the following contents.
# /etc/libmap.conf
# candidate             mapping
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