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Default Re: NForce 2 audio driver not working under Mandrake 10.0

Its true that hardware needs to be set to Threaded open sound system if running the nvaudio or nvsound driver, from the modprobe.conf file in DaBlade's post i see the default is set to intel8x0 which works in my nforce2 system with kde sound hardware set to the alsa driver.

Only thing i think with the alsa driver being used with intel8x0, you wont get all the features your hardware support like 5.1 sound.

DaBlade all you need to do to get nvsound and im guessing that you have downloaded and installed the nforce2 driver from nvidia, is to open the modprobe.conf file with something like kedit or any other type of file editor, make sure you have root or root permissions so you can edit the file, remake this line (alias snd-card-0 snd-intel8x0) in modprobe.conf like so # alias snd-card-0 snd-intel8x0 and add this line alias sound-slot-0 nvsound then save and close the editor, it also states that you need to run the command modprobe nvsound, reboot and when linux loads it should load the nvsound module, then make sure kde is set to Threaded open sound system, if all this is done properly you should have sound.

The nvsound driver on my system just didnt quite run right, while i could play mp3's great all but one dvd movie player would play properly, sound in some games where distorted, audio in dvd movies ran slow in 6 channel mode, so i defaulted back to the intel8x0 and alsa sound since it ran without a hitch in games and dvd movies, i may wait for the next nforce 2 driver release to try nvsound again.

My System Specs, not OC'ed
AMD Athlon XP 2600+ with 333 FSB
XFX MainBoard with Nforce2 chipsets with integrated nforce audio and nv ethernet
Kingston 512 mb DDR PC2700 Ram with Heat Spreader
Asylum Geforce FX 5600 with 256 DDR vid ram
Western Digital 80 GB special edition harddrive
Linux Mandrake 10 Official

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