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Default Re: NForce 2 audio driver not working under Mandrake 10.0

I had the same expierience as viper_xtr with the nvsound 0292 driver and switched back to the alsa driver. The nvidia audio drivers are too new right now and there just not working right for most people. The 0292 driver is just the second release that supports the nvidia APU and it still has some bugs. I couldn't get the first driver to work at all. I have seen some posts where people have mixing (via the dmix plugin) and surround sound working with alsa but the documentation is sparse and it looks like a major pain. Keep in mind though that anything that is done sound wise right now is on the software side of things and your CPU has to handle the sound via the AC97 audio controller. When Nvidia gets these audio drivers working right they will use the APU and all the audio tasks (mixing,surround,etc) will use the APU not the CPU, which equals better performance, like higher framerates in games. I think Nvidia is going to have to start using alsa because oss is becoming obsolete very fast and it would also reduce confusion on the end users part.
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