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Default OpenGL video freezes, rest of game continues! (gcc problem?)


For the last few months I ran fuhquake 0.31 (a new Quake 1 client) on linux (gentoo) flawlessly.
Then, a few days ago, I updated my system with the latest packages, and I'm having this very weird problem:

I can connect to servers fine and move around for a bit. All of a sudden, I lag out for a couple of seconds (the sound loops), and when i come out of it, the video is stuck on whatever i saw last. The game isn't crashed, because I can still hear myself moving (jumping or hooking in ctf), and can even quit by bringing up the console and typing quit. The video doesn't get updated at all until i quit fuhquake, at which point everything is normal. Rarely, I will actually lose mouse and keyboard control and have to restart X via ssh.

The last time everything was working, I was using

Software 6.7.0
KDE 3.3.0
mm kernel 2.6.8-rc2-mm2
Nvidia 61.11 (i think)

I tried everything to fix this!

Running as root
Ezquake instead of Fuhquake
Going back to 6.7 from 6.8
Using fluxbox (in case KDE 3.3.1 caused it)
Using my old working kernel instead of 2.6.9-mm1
Using my previous video drivers
Spectating someone playing instead of using keyboard/mouse input, just in case....

In every case, i will eventually lose video!!!! I can reproduce it in specific areas of a map very easily, usually when at the intersection from one room to another, although it can happen anywhere.

Also, I tried another opengl game (tuxracer) and although I didn't test it extensively, it exhibits the same problem! Sound still works and I can quit with the keyboard sequence, but video is stuck.

Obviously I'm thinking its a problem with the Nvidia opengl drivers, but how come it still happens if I boot into my old working kernel? Maybe the new version of gcc (3.4.2 from 10/25) is screwing up the nvidia drivers?


Thanks :P

Asus CUV4X motherboard, 256 ram
PIII 600
Geforce FX 5200
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