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Default Re: Guild Wars Preview open!!!!!

Originally Posted by K007
Diablo 2 is still played..if they do get the diablo 2 game here, then they have done a excellent job..i think they have not only done diablo 2 but made it better as well.
I know diablo 2 is still played by ppl. My friend still plays it, but for item finding and not for fun. All he does is bot now to get the best items to trade and he has some of the most powerful gear you will ever see. I dont think there isn't really anything else to do in that game except find items once you have beaten it a couple of times. I quit because I didnt feel like item searching anymore and I hope that won't be the case with this game.

It looks like you wont be able to PK people either which takes half of the fun away from the game. Because thats what I usually turn to after I get tired of finding items. Theres nothing like the rush you get from warping into Buc's Den (Ultima Online) with a mass of people :P

I havent really played any of the other MMORPG's so I can't really compare this game's replayability and variety to say something like Everquest or FFXI or Shadowbane but from what I've seen, I think those games are well worth their monthly fees.
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