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Default Re: Problem with Asus GF4 4800SE

Originally Posted by rohit
I toldya dude, there must be other hardware incompatibility issue or mobo issue. ASUS doesnt hav many problematic cards. especially with geforce4ti lineup.
If u can/and if ur mobo supports, try updatin its bios.

OMG, OMG OMG, i jus saw ur specs, U have a soltek mobo, My friend had/has a soltek mobo too with ATHLON XP 2000+.. n he suffered from a problem as well, wen he switched from a MX440 to ti4200.The comp used to restart on its own. as soon as the OS selection mode came up on startup. But the thing got fine with MX440 re-Installed. I donno wat he did, ill get in touch with him and find out.

(I still feel its a mobo issue...jus a feelin)
Yes please do that would be fantastic
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