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Default Re: XFX 5900XT Strange colors/patters.

Alright well before I go out and try a new motherboard and chip, thought I'd get a little more input from you guys. I tried 4x AGP, same problem.
here's a picture that's a little more clear than the first one...

Anyways this is what has been attempted...
-Power supply replaced
-Windows Reinstalled
-All drivers upgraded to most recent
-Tried downgrading drivers to version which I knew were stable.
-Flashed BIOS (did not change any settings related to video)
-Reseated all parts inside computer including ram.
-Video Card has been replaced via RMA
-Ran hardware stress test for 24 hours without any errors. (Prime95)

Keep in mind that...
-Geforce 4 4200ti works perfectly (slow...but perfectly)
-Original Geforce 5900XT worked fine for about 6 months.

I can see only one other possibility that the second video card was also defective (highly improbable)
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