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Default Re: pny 5900xt modded bios`s that work..

Do you really have to reinstall the nVidia drivers after flashing? Maybe its true because i just flashed my Leadtek 5900XT(a350xt-tdh) card with a modded Leadtek a350xt bios from mvtech and after rebooting it still showed same clocks. I thought maybe the flash didn't take so i flashed it back with its original bios and funny thing is, i don't remember having to do that when i flashed my Gainward 5900nU to 5950U, of course its been awhiles so i forget. I'll give it a try and see what happens... even though it may make sense to reinstall the drivers.

Ps- Btw... i did use "nvflash v4.41" utility, same one i used for my 5900nU to 5950U flash so i knew i didn't do anything wrong.

EDIT: DOH!... yes you do have to reinstall the drivers for the newer clocks to set... im now happily running 450/850 from 390/700 and a 900+ point increase in 3dmarks01.
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