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Default Gothic 2 demo graphics and stuff

Anyone like the graphics in it? The graphics are getting only 2 stars out of 5, 5 being highest, in a users rating survey. Gameplay at 3 stars. The demo came out a few days ago and I have an hour left to dl the 370 mb. It's at about 70kb/sec currently, from 3dgamers but I think that's your best bet for speed in getting this demo in the U.S. Not that bad, less than 2 hours total, on cable.

I don't have high hopes for Gothic 2 visuals based on screenshots, but I'll find out from the demo I guess. In May when Morrowind came out and the June beta of UT2 they blew away Gothic (1) graphics overall, imo. Although Gothic has a great night swamp level, a couple other cool looking night levels. And good character converstion. But its castles, structures and overall landscape still don't have detail that's all that great.

Maybe Gothic 2 will have the same problems for looks. Like with the angular foliage in trees. I guess UT2 is about the only 3d game that doesn't have that angular cr_p in trees, since the whole tree looks like a real tree in the updated Unreal engine.

Now the dl is down to less than 30 minutes after all my writing and rewriting of this post before sending it. That's like the home stretch on a huge dl whenever you get below 30 min left. Maybe if I got a job I wouldn't be dl'ing this this thing in the middle of the day in the first place. Or writing about it. And btw we need more sequels like NOLF 2. At least for looks.

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