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Default Re: Problem with Asus GF4 4800SE

Alrite, i spoke to him, he says that he tried 3 diff ti4200's on his comp, the xfx that he bought, thn he replaced sayin its faulty, but didnt work, n mine inno3d, that didnt work eithr. So he sold of the ti4200 and is workin with the MX440
Also he said the board's bios cant b changed easily, so he doesnt wanna do it.
Also he tld me the problem was cumin on puttin any new gen cards, like Ti-series, or fx 5200/5600U and 9500P.
But strangely, one of our friends, Club3d 9800Pro workd very well
It gav no problems of freezing, or rebooting of the comp.
the problems he faced with all other cards, bsides the 9800Pro and Mx440 are
1] comp wuld load into windows, after 2 -3 retries. (it used to crash durin 98se boot-screen)
2] comp wuld crash wen switched to 32-bit desktop colors (so ony 256 colors or 16-bit colors culd b used)
3] 20 mins of gameplay, and the comp wuld restart (mind u, no heating problems, all 5 cards cant suffer frm heating probs)

But Surprisingly the Mighty 9800Pro worked very well with no problems at all. No clue y?
now he uses the mx440, he cant afford a 9800pro

Dude im sorry culdnt find out the reason for these probs, n i am sorry i confused u even more
but i cant really fig. out a reason. Now all u can do is
1] check ur card on some other system, to b sure ur card is alrite ( ur card is alrite since u said 9600Xt also givs same probs) but jus to b sure)
2] to check ur system's incompatibility, borrow ur friends RAM n check wheather ur ram is the culprit or no, or PSu if possible borrow n check, remove all other pci cards, includin LAN Card, to c if its some IRQ problem
3 ] if all abv fails, go to ur dealer/engineer/professional, say "the BOARD is messed up, and is in warranty, RMA it. |OR| Check the system, n fix my cards problem."
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