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Exclamation New GeForce FX5700LE - Now my games Don't work!!

ECSK7S5A(v.1x) - Honey X Bios (AGP4x Mobo)
AMD Athlon 2600 ( Set to Run at 147mhz/147mhz in bios,Volcano 11 Cooler)
512mb DDR 266
60gb Hitachi Deskstar
20gb Quantum Fireball
3Com Etherlink network adapter
Floppy Drive
Samsung CD Writer
WinXP Pro - Service Pack2
SIS735 Chipset is modified-added a Thermaltake BlueOrb onto the Standard Heatsink.

My System since i built it up 3 years ago Was Absolutely Stable at gaming and Pretty much anything i threw at it Using Prolink Geforce MX400 64mb(4X). I Picked up a Prolink Geforce FX 5700LE 256mb VIVO(8X), for a great price, and after installation I tested it at my favorite game SOF2MP and textures were flickering and even OpenGL Vertex array commands solved nothing, Then i noticed that my D3d games Caused disruptive Lines diagonally across My monitor. tested SOF2 SP and The game Crashed almost immediately. Mohaa too was flickering and after few minutes bombed out. So i took the card back thinkin it was faulty, got it changed for a different card, same model. IT solved the flickering problem but my games are still bombing out. Am using dirextX9.0c, and Nvidia Forceware 6177. I've tried older drivers and all do the same thing. Windows 2d apps work Perfectly and even directX tests report no problems. I've even Loaded Fresh WinXP on the second drive to test without Service pack 2 but it was worse cos SOF2 MP Didn't even play it just bombed straightaway. Could it be my luck that 2 cards could be faulty? Is there something i'm missing here? Or could it be a simple incompatibility issue? I'm left scratching my head!! someone Out there experience anything like this?

Another thing is i get this error message when SOF2 SP Crashes
"the instruction at "0x06c645a3" referenced memory at '0x00000004". the memory could not be "read"
Click on ok to terminate the program"
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