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Originally Posted by monkeyman
Hi all,

I want to hook up a linux pc to my hdtv via component inputs....I want to be able to send a 1280x720 , 16:9 , 720p signal using component video inputs. Any awnsers, feedback, comments are appreciated. Thanks !

The 5700 Personal Cinema claims to be able to do this. Actually, it <b>can</b> do this, just only under windows. The 5700PC has a breakout box with Svideo, component, and composite - really nice hardware setup. Works great under windows. I've been fighting to get it to work with Linux (FC2) and the latest drivers all day long, with no joy. I had high hopes for the last two driver updates (one added explicit support for a variety of HDTV modes, such as 1280x720p), but they don't work.

So, my feedback is, HD under linux with nvidia is not ready for primetime. Or any time, for that matter. Hopefully they'll get it figured out, but it's clear that tvout receives low priority in testing and development in the linux driver. Still, it beats any of the ATI cards with HD output under linux - nvidia at least makes some effort.
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