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Recently I discovered that since 1.0-6xxx nvidia added some new tvout modes to their drivers:
"HD480i" : 480 line interlaced
"HD480p" : 480 line progressive
"HD720p" : 720 line progressive
"HD1080i": 1080 line interlaced
"HD1080p": 1080 line progressive
"HD576i" : 576 line interlace
"HD576p" : 576 line progressive

Here the 480i/576i modes are plain NTSC/PAL and the 480p/576p modes are usefull for "100Hz/120Hz" televisions (progressive scan). The other modes are various progressive/interlaced HDTV modes. To use such a mode you need to choose one of these as the tvstandard, so they replace NTSC/PAL.

Not sure what you have to do with resolution/metamode stuff as the modes above alrready define a resolution I think.
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